Friday, July 23, 2010

How to make a motherboard - a GIGABYTE factory tour video with voice over

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Trouff and Xyala from Overclocking-TV asked if they could take a tour of the GIGABYTE factory in Nanping, Taiwan in the days that followed Computex 2010. This Nanping factory is one for the most pictured and videoed high-tech factories simply because it is one of the few that actually allow visitors to take a camera inside.

Back in 2006, GIGABYTE started our quality drive when we introduced all solid capacitors on our motherboards. Ever since then we have continued to introduce better quality components and procedures, and this trend will continue long into the foreseeable future. This confidence behind our mobo quality is a large part of why we decided to allow cameras in our factory – you can see how every single motherboard is tested and quality checked continuously throughout the assembly process.

This video is unique due to Trouff’s voice over commentary that explains each step of the process, combined with some never seen before shots of the assembly lines from the creative cameraman, Xyala. Enjoy.

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