Thursday, July 1, 2010

The martial art of overclocking – Go OC China 2010


Over the years we’ve held Go OC events in some pretty cool places such as Bangkok, Beijing, Prague, Jakarta, etc… This year is no different because on June 25th the Go OC China regional final was held in an ancient Buddhist monastery rumored to be the secret meeting place of martial artists who come to fight for the glory of being the best fighter in the region. A very apt location for Go OC don’t you think?


When all was said and done Stephen Yeong from Team HK-Centralfield (Hong Kong) emerged the champion with Wing from team Speedtime (Beijing) and Hero Ou from Team China (Guangzhou) taking 2nd the 3rd places respectively.

You can visit the official Go OC 2010 China regional final  website here and there is a comprehensive write up on with loads of interesting pictures.

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  1. Looking forward to meeting those three fellas at the Go OC global final in Taipei during September.


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