Friday, December 21, 2012

Handy tool to disable/enable ULPS (Ultra Low Power State) by youngpro22

James from the Australian Xtreme Overclocking team called TeamAU ( is feeling the Xmas spirit and gave away one of the tools he made for TeamAU boys to control power state for ATI graphics cards. Basically the tool disables power throttling and forces the graphics cards not to fall asleep. It also lowers frequency and voltage on GPUs to save power.

This tool is handy to both gamers and overclockers as it helps with some stuttering issues in games and instability in AMD/ATI Crossfire (Xfire) that some experience while it also helps overclockers disable power state which can affect score efficiency. Downside is that you will have a warmer PC and use more power if you are a gamer so make sure you have adequate case cooling. Overclockers don’t normally have to be too concerned about this as they test on open platforms generally. You can try and see if it helps and revert back to original state by enabling ULPS with the same tool however. Worth a try!

This tool basically does what some of us had to do manually and it’s hard work I’ll tell ya as I've found out during my 7970 Xfire testing with hundreds of registry entries that need to be changed manually.

Here is what the tool looks like and you can find more information about how it works on James’ blog

Give it up for James and TeamAU!


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