Friday, December 14, 2012

Dave’s Tech Table specs out some pro rigs using GIGABYTE Dual Thunderbolt motherboards

Dave Helmly is a specialist working for Adobe, specifically working with system integrators and builders creating digital audio and video hardware solutions for Adobe's pro creative applications. Check out his DAV’s Tech Table blog here. So the kind of applications we’re talking about are pretty demanding when it comes to both raw computational performance and storage mediums. Apps like Adobe Premier Pro, After effects and others often need to stream very high def, very heavy video content on the fly, with tons of processing going too, so let’s just say that Dave knows how to spec out a machine that will suit today’s professional content creators.

So here’s a great video that Dave posted which explores a couple of different builds that feature Thunderbolt on Windows. This is a relatively new scenario for content creators as Thunderbolt, prior to few months ago, was an Apple-exclusive feature. So it’s easy to see why Thunderbolt on Windows is clearly something that excites many users of Dave’s ilk.

It’s great to see that Dave has opted for GIGABYTE boards, and in fact has found suitable homes for all there of our TB offerings. Actually, being the only solution on the market featuring two TB ports, it’s easy to see why GIGABYTE got the nod. If you want to check out the details regarding specs etc hit the links below.

Here’s Dave’s blog ‘DAV’s TechTable.

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