Thursday, January 19, 2012

Intel Announces Performance Tuning Protection Plan: Overclockers Get Some Intel Love



Intel has just announced an insurance plan for overclockers that goes above their usual 3 year warranty. Users can purchase a $20-$35 plan (depending on CPU) that offers a single, one time replacement of their CPU for damage due to overclocking. This is a great move by Intel to offer some protection to overclockers who are pushing their CPUs beyond spec.

Processors included in the program:

  • Intel Core i7 3960X: $35
  • Intel Core i7 3930K: $35
  • Intel Core i7 2700K: $25
  • Intel Core i7 2600K: $25
  • Intel Core i5 2500K: $20

You can purchase the plan for the next 6 months through one of their approved resellers or directly from Intel themselves at their website:

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