Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sneak Preview: GIGABYTE X79 Packaging plus 3D Power and 3D BIOS Logos

You’ll be glad to hear that we’ve just got the green light to go ahead and give you a peek behind the curtain at the packaging for our upcoming X79 series motherboards.



Above you can see the forthcoming uber-performance X79-UD7 motherboard and its sleek packaging - a board which is heavily geared towards breaking world Overclocking records. Below that there’s our X79-UD5, which is aimed at extreme content and media creation rigs! But of course our X79 series is all about offering motherboard designs for specific user segments, so the range will also include our G1.Assassin 2 motherboard for hardcore gamers, rounded out by our more affordable X79-UD3. You can find packaging images of the full X79 series on our Facebook page here.

We’ve also revealed the logos for our exciting 3D Power and 3D BIOS technologies, both of which will debut on this platform.



Finally, here’s diagram we put together which reveals a little more about the technology that drives our new 3D Power.


Sure are exciting times ahead with all four of these boards being launching fairly soon. I hope we didn't get your saliva glands too overworked!

Be sure to check out the entire photo set on our GIGABYTE Motherboard Facebook page. Here’s the album. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us if you feel so inclined!

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