Sunday, August 14, 2011

bob(nz) from TeamAU benching 4way SLI solo!

bob(nz) from TeamAU broke into top5 3DMARK11 scores benching 4way SLI on his own this weekend!

Overclocking with liquid nitrogen (LN2) is very challenging. Keeping a CPU or a GPU pot within a certain temperature range is what can make it very difficult particularly when you have very hot GPUs or CPUs.

Peter, bob(nz) from TeamAU thought he would really challenge himself this weekend and decided to take out his GIGABYTE X58A-UD9, Intel Core i7 990X and 4xGTX580 grapgics card and bench alone with 5 pots (1xCPU and 4xGPU) using LN2.

Peter’s efforts were rewarded as he managed to score 22,417 in 3DMARK11 (5th fastest in the world). I am sure we will see a lot more as he gets more confortable and grows a few extra limbs hahah.

Well done!


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