Thursday, January 10, 2013 meet in Sussex for a Christmas LN2 session: In photos

UK-based members got together over the festive season to squeeze in some LN2 fuelled fun. Here are some photos of the event, replete with captions for those of you who like to put names to faces… or perhaps I should say names to overclocking rigs.


Setting up Livestream and Board


Scooter doing some 2d on the UP7


Hiviz left, Blindfitter right


Gappo Insulating UD3


Dualists super heavy homemade CPU pot on 3770k + up7 & OCN chubby GPU pot on a 7970 is also currently running a MultiThread Mayhem II contest where as well earning some pocket money, challengers will also have the chance to win great GIGABYTE motherboard prizes.


Check it out at here.

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