Thursday, January 24, 2013

CustoMac Update: Buyer's Guide January 2013

43107d1352211145-customac.pngCustoMac guru tonymacx86 recently published his latest buyers guide, which according to Tony, he will be updating on a monthly basis. We’re happy to see the January guide has plenty of GIGABYTE motherboards being recommended across several CustoMac builds including budget, mini and deluxe builds.

It’s great to see GIGABYTE connected with any tech project that really embraces the spirit of DIY computing. At the end of the day, building your own custom Mac involves a very similar approach to building any other kind of DIY PC. Speccing out the components of your build with acute attention to detail is something we all take pleasure in.

But hey. Thanks to guys like tonymacx86, there’s a heck of a lot of guidance and advice available out on the interweb for people who building with a specific usage scenario in mind.

Check out the CustoMac January buyers guide here

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