Thursday, January 24, 2013

4K Collage display using DVI – tried & tested

Today I’d like to follow up on our recent 4K collage announcement where we hooked up a GIGABYTE dual Thunderbolt motherboard to a DP to dual DP splitter outputting a 4K video signal across four standard HD displays. The remarkable thing is that his was all done using on the HD4000 processor graphics of our Ivy Bridge processor – no discrete card!

See the original config below:


We just tested a DVI-D splitter dongle from Sapphire that allows you to do a similar thing with HD displays that use DVI. This is useful for two reasons; firstly that you don’t need to use newer HD displays that support DisplayPort input. DVI-D works just as well. Secondly being a digital signal we can then also support conversion from DVI to HDMI, which means it’ll also work fine with four HDMI equipped displays. So if you have the adapters you can do 4K collage using DP, HDI or DVI-D




Finally, the adapter from Sapphire will also let you power any 4K displays that support a 4x DVI inputs for a single 4K stream – a configuration that is popular on many earlier 4K displays. Here’s an example.

You can find more info about the Sapphire adapter here.

Learn more about our 4K display and Collage technologies here.

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