Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christian Ney on the quest to complete memory world record domination


Swiss overclocker supremo, Christian Ney, has one last hurdle to jump to complete his memory frequency word record domination on all platforms. His most signifacant memory frequency record is the global world record frequency he currently holds with GIGABYTE A75 board at 1950MHz (x2). GIGABYTE tends to be the board of choice for extreme overclockers looking to take the ultimate memory frequency record so it’s no surprise Christian is currently searching the “internets” looking for any DDR2 flavour of GIGABYTE P45 chipset. Current DDR2 record is held by an Iranian overclocker at 900MHz with GIGABYTE EP45-UD3R.

I’ve spotted that Christian is about to get some help from a Belgian overclocker and his EP45-UD3P which should be the perfect board for this sort of OC adventure.

Kingpin Cooling has even named a memory cooler after Christian, it looks pretty sweet too, check it out here.

Good luck there!


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