Wednesday, January 30, 2013

GIGABYTE 4K Collage Driver Available Now!

If you own a GIGABYTE Thunderbolt motherboard you’ll be able to enjoy a free upgrade to the new Intel 4K Collage graphics driver and play 4K content on four standard 1080P monitors. 4K monitors are still rather expensive, so this may be a fun way to fiddle around with your system config and enjoy 4K content while you wait for the monitor prices to come down. Of course this new 4K Collage feature will also appeal to digital signage and industrial PC system builders. GIGABYTE’s Thunderbolt motherboards are the Z77X-UP5 TH, Z77X-UP4 TH and the Z77MX-D3H TH.
The screenshot below shows the new driver in the downloads section of each product page on the GIGABYTE website.
GIGABYTE, in cooperation with our friends at Aduzai, prepared a 4K video that can be used free of charge by anyone wanting to test their 4K setup or even promote their 4K products. This video is called The Beauty of Taiwan - 我愛臺灣 and is the property of GIGABYTE and Aduzai and can be used by anyone for free, the only restriction being that you may not sell it or charge for it’s use in any way.
The 4K video can be downloaded from these links:
For more information please visit our 4K Collage microsite.

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