Thursday, May 19, 2011

Z68X-UD7-B3 takes top prize in Z68 board comparo

We are delighted to see that seasoned motherboard testers over at Hardware Heaven have rated our Z68X-UD7-B3 motherboard as the top dog in their head-to-head Z68 motherboard comparison. Pitted against the P8Z68-V-Pro board from Asus, reviewer Stuart Davidson found ample praise for both Z68 board offerings, but concluded that our UD7 edged it, winning a ‘Money-No-Object’ - Diamond Award with an overall score of 10/10.


Here’s a sample of what Stuart had to say:

Looking specifically at the two motherboards we had on our test bench today, Gigabyte have a great enthusiast offering. Their high level of build quality is present as always and features such as dual 16x PCIe slots mixed with great overclocking potential and loads of connectivity mean we have a hugely flexible product.


In his appraisal of the Z68 chipset, Stuart reports that he was impressed with the Intel’s Smart Response Technology and their new Larson Creek 20GB SSD:

Through the release of a $100 20GB SSD mixed with the free to download RST 10.5 drivers/application consumers get the benefits of large storage capacity drives with a more responsive OS experience which tailors itself to each individuals use. And this technology isn't limited to enthusiasts either as we are able to set it up in Windows in just a few mouse clicks which means that novice users can take advantage of this RAID like solution.

You can read the full and in-depth review here.

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