Thursday, May 5, 2011

GIGABYTE G1.Assassin Wins Tech Review Sehr Gut “Very Good” Award


German review site Tech-Review just got their hands on a GIGABYTE G1.Assassin motherboard and found that while the price may be expensive, if you factor in the cost of a Bigfoot Killer 2100 network card and a 50€ sound card, it rather reasonable for what you get:

The main question is: Is the G1.Assasin worth 400€? It is a lot of money for a motherboard and just a few people will spend so much. But we think this noble hardware is worth its price if you have a look at the large range of features and equipment.  If you spend 100€ for a Bigfoot network card and 50€ for an acceptable sound solution, there is a rest of 250€ for a well and impressive equipped motherboard. That is standard for a X58 motherboard. (translated from German)

They also went ahead and gave it a “recommendation to buy” and quality award:

If you are looking for a well equipped motherboard and you are not shy at spending a lot of money, the G1.Assassin is the right choice. There is not just a "recommendation to buy" from our sight but also a quality award for the "feature-barn-burner".

To read the full review, please visit HERE

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