Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired ‘Usonian’ Casemod Using GIGABYTE Mini-ITX GA-H55N-USB



Frank Lloyd Wright is considered one of the greatest architectural geniuses of all time in part for his ability to seamlessly and harmoniously blend architecture and nature. Jeffery Stephenson is equally famed in the PC casemod community for his stunning cases that blend modern computing with some truly amazing creations.

Inspired by various Frank Lloyd Wright designs, Jeffery created the Usonian casemode featuring the GIGABYTE GA-H55N-USB Mini-ITX. Split-level cantilevered roofs made of teak and Coonley Playhouse Balloons and Confetti art glass-inspired back panel make this casemod a uniquely beautiful work of art.

To see more of his latest build and to see past cases, please visit Jeffery Stephenson’s website HERE.

via Engadget

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