Wednesday, May 11, 2011 review X58A-OC, give big thumbs up

As reported yesterday, the eagerly anticipated X58A-OC board is now shipping and ready to go. If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, or maybe want a closer look at what a designed-from-the-ground-up ‘overclocking board’ really is, then you should definitely check out the review that Ross from has just published.


A true overclocking enthusiast, Ross has dived in head first and examined every inch of the X58A-OC, weighing pros and cons with meticulous precision and of course getting down to some serious overclocking. We’re really glad to say that he likes it, so much so that he simply can’t enough time to spend with it:

“Real life has managed to cut into the time that was available to “play” with the board prior to sitting down and writing this article, but rest assured, that I am running back to bench with it as soon as the last period is put on this article. There will definitely be more coming from me and others with the Gigabyte X58A-OC motherboard, but in the time spent with it so far, it can best be summed up by saying that I am already looking forward to using it again every time I turn it off, and that is saying a lot.


Having already broken a few personal records on a 980X processor that he describes as “not a 6GHz special”, he offers a very positive conclusion that will have HiCookie and the rest of us here at GIGABYTE feeling thoroughly vindicated and rewarded for all the hard work and effort it took to bring this ‘new class’ of motherboard to market:

“The Gigabyte X58A-OC is full of features and designs that are truly helpful for overclocking and extreme-cooled, power-hungry 12-core, multi-graphics card, hardcore overclocking and benchmarking at that. In addition to being a true “overclocker’s motherboard”, it retains features and the utility that could easily allow it to be used for a daily rig, a crunching machine or a gaming setup should it be needed for those duties. The X58A-OC has overclockers dead in its sights and hits somewhere close to a bullseye in my opinion.”

“If this is the first step in the beginning of a new class of motherboards catering specifically to overclockers, one can only imagine what might be seen down the road. The significance of this board should not be lost on anyone. With an expected retail price of $379.99, it’s perfectly in line with pricing for a high-level X58 motherboards. In addition to getting a great X58 board, buying a Gigabyte X58A-OC would cast a vote to tell Gigabyte, and all manufacturers for that matter, that we, as overclockers, appreciate this kind of attention and will want to continue seeing more of the same in the future.”

“On behalf of all the overclockers out there, especially the extreme overclockers, I say thank you to Gigabyte for taking a step in this direction.”

We’re really happy that you enjoyed our first OC board. Cheers Ross.

Check out the full review here.

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