Monday, November 8, 2010

A whole lot of UD9 awesomeness!

Ever wondered who buys an X58A-UD9 motherboard? Build For Power from the Netherlands offer a gaming system with a difference… Prepare to be impressed.


As you can see it has everything you’d want for a racing gaming system and more. Here are the specs as given to us by Ben Van Marion from Build For Power:

-B4P Full Tower Custom Build Casing

-Gigabyte  X58A-UD9 motherboard

-I7 3,3Ghz @4,4Ghz (stable overclocked)

-12Gb Triple channel memory @2000mhz

-Gigabyte GTX 480 1536MB x4 in SLI

-2x 128GB SSD Raid 0 solution (256GB total)

-2x 1Tb Hard drive @7200RPM 32MB Cache

-Blu-ray Write/Read Optical

-Total 3300W Power supply: 1x Gigiabyte 1200W- 2x1050W

-Windows 7 Professional 64Bit



-Dual loop system. 1e(CPU-Chipset-Memory) 2e (graphics cards)

-the second loop go's trough 2 sets of peltier elements. These products cools the water temp even below room temperature!

-The loops are al made with aluminum pipes instead of tubes.



-3Dmark Vantage: 54070 points

-Cinebench 1Core:6364  All cores:34774

-PCMark Vantage: 19694 points Hard drives: 24439 points.


Ben reckons this kind of system can also be used by:

-High end video editors (1080P Render material)

-Enthusiasts who are looking for the best money can buy

-Users who want to be done with upgrading

Here’s another shot if the system running 6 monitors:


That’s a whole lot of awesomeness for only one person to own. Thanks for contacting us Ben.

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