Monday, November 22, 2010

Argentinian overclocking makes it to national press, featuring the X58A-UD9 watercooled!

GOOC 2010 world final had a representative from Argentina for the first time and what a top bloke he is (forum alias nacho_arroyo).

I had the opportunity to have a chat about all things overclocking with the bloke during one of our tech mall walks in Taipei. He was very excited about extreme overclocking and has clearly rubbed off some of that excitement onto the local press because it is not every day you see overclocking featured in national press.

This takes me back to 2008 when Sydney Morning Herald did a story on my travels to 2008 GOOC final. The only difference is that they called me an overclocking extremist LOL.

Well done mate and keep spreading the overclocking virus in Argentina!

I love the fisheye shot of this watercooled X58A-UD9. I also spy a 3way GIGABYTE 5870SOC Crossfire. The man has great taste what can I say!


Source (in Argentinian):

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