Monday, November 1, 2010

GIGABYTE E-Sports Championship goes live, gaming team registrations open now!

Gigabyte Australia recently announced the Gigabyte Electronic Sports Championships 2010 for Counter Strike: Source. The competition will consist of LAN qualifiers held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on November 21st as well as a 16 team online Qualifier to be held on Sunday November 28th.

The finals will be held on December 11th at Melbourne’s premier LAN event, Respawn LAN. The finals will be played on the latest Gigabyte & Intel powered gaming machines featuring Intel’s Core i7 950 processors and Gigabyte’s X58-UD3R motherboards and GTX460OC video cards. Redbull will be available for free on tap at the grand final.

Finals Prize Money Breakdown
1st Place - $2500 AUD
2nd Place - $1000 AUD
3rd Place - $500 AU

The winners of the qualifiers in QLD and NSW will both receive an autoberth into the final along with $1000 cash to go towards flights whilst 2nd place will receive an invite into the Grand Final in Melbourne. More info here.

Join in the fun ASAP and I look forward to seeing you there!



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