Friday, November 14, 2014

GIGABYTE Motherboards have Lowest RMA Rate at LDLC, France

Every 6 months, the French website publishes a report on RMA rates for computer components from one of the main French online e-seller LDLC. The report includes statistics on motherboards, PSU, memory, graphics card, HDDs and SSDs. Looking at the RMA rate is a clear indicator of the hardware quality from one manufacturer.

Well, their latest report is out and we are very proud to announce that GIGABYTE Motherboards are once again performing the best!! Not only has the GIGABYTE Motherboards shown to have the lowest RMA rate amongst others, they have actually done so for the second consecutive year!




- Gigabyte 2,51% - Gigabyte 2,02% - Gigabyte 1,43% - Gigabyte 1,19%
- MSI 2,65% - ASROCK 2,27% - MSI 1,83% - ASUS 1,79%
- ASUS 2,86% - ASUS 2,31% - ASUS 1,86% - ASRock 2,09%
- ASRock 2,99% - MSI 2,60% - ASRock 2,09% - MSI 3,05%

We’ve put it into charts to make it easier to read…
image  image
image image

imageIn order to provide the highest quality hardware, GIGABTYE incorporate the Ultra Durable design and mentality into their motherboards. If you see the following logo on your GIGABYTE motherboard box, this means that GIGABYTE spent extra care designing and making this motherboard  with long lasting and high quality components. Reliable hardware such as 10K Durable Black™ Solid Caps, 2 oz Copper PCB or DualBIOS™ to mention only a few. This efforts, as shown by HARDWARE.FR numbers, directly results in lower RMA rates and a better experience for you, the user.

You can find the full report (In French) here:

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