Wednesday, April 16, 2014

GIGABYTE G1 Gets a New Look




Along with the new red color, GIGABYTE G1 gaming motherboards have a whole new look about them, including new logo design. What do you guys think? Do you like the new look of G1 Gaming?


  1. So they're going to look like every other Gaming motherboard now, Lame!

  2. The orange oc force was a good colour scheme and its counter part the G5 sniper in lime green I'd love metallic purple I'd call them Aurora series

  3. I think it really sucks. Everyone else is doing red. The orange and the green mobos stood out from the rest of them. Looks like I'll be buying something different now.

    1. cuz they changed colours?! great reasoning there

  4. Wow everyone complaining saying they are going elsewhere now?! absolutely pathetic! Gigabyte still make sick hardware and you are going to buy else where because they have change the colours of the logo?! shows how much you really know about hard where you sad bastards! imagine if all logos never changed?! everything would look terrible. I like the new design and the rest of you need to do a bit of research into hardware before pretty much judging a book by its cover!

  5. I think the old green color looks better than the red color that other manufacturers use for gaming boards. Perhaps you should make a few color options to choose between, so that everyone gets what they want. Also I would like to see a cyan gaming mobo


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