Friday, December 2, 2011

‘Hardware Secrets’ see outstanding value in the GIGABYTE X79-UD3


Gabriel Torres writing for Hardware Secrets has just published an in-depth first look at our entry-level X79 offering, the GIGABYTE X79-UD3. Obviously the X79-UD3 model is aimed more cost conscious X79 platform builders, but as well as offering great value, we’ve also tried hard to offer a board with a complete range of features. Here’s a sample of what Gabriel had to say:

“Today there are only three socket 2011 motherboards cheaper than the Gigabyte X79-UD3, the ASRock X79 Extreme-4M (USD 220), the MSI X79MA-GD45 (USD 230), and the ASRock Extreme4 (USD 235), and all of them have fewer features and don’t come with four PCI Express x16 slots. True competitors from MSI and ASUS cost more, making the Gigabyte X79-UD3 your best option if you want to save money while building a PC based on a Core i7 “Sandy Bridge-E” processor with four video cards and yet have a high-quality motherboard with lots of extra options.”

You can catch the full article here on Hardware Secrets.

More details about the GIGABYTE X79-UD3 can be found here.

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