Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mike Moen from Intel’s Performance Team talks overclocking!

Hi guys, I wanted to share a video with you produced by OCTV and HWBOT during the recent Computex 2013 tech show in Taiwan. Pieter from HWBOT.ORG, leading enthusiast/overclockers website, did an interview with a really interesting guy that works for Intel. His name is Mike Moen and he’s the lead engineer for high end and enthusiast platforms. In laymen’s terms, a geek supremo that translates what overclockers are about into language platform architects can understand and implement into design.

One thing I found really interesting is when Mike said “we don’t want logic to be the limiter, we want physics to be that natural limiter”. In other words, Intel is always looking out to remove any possible limitation that the platform itself could produce on overclocking and open it up as much as possible so that the limits in overclockers are literally the limits of silicone and what is physically possible with any piece of silicone. He even talks about specific examples of where they’ve affected the change in logic to make sure overclockers are not left out such as PLL override option back in Sandy Bridge days or pushing the new boundaries with memory overclocking on Haswell platform. Very cool stuff, check out the full interview:


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