Thursday, October 11, 2012

Zardoz (ReSpawn LAN admin) keeps the side panel on with GIGABYTE Z77X-UP4TH!

I just came across a pretty cool review by a gamer that runs one of Australia’s biggest LANs. He goes by the nic Zardoz and LAN is ReSpawn based in Melbourne. One of the lines caught my eye and I thought how hilarious, this is what every gamer in the world can easily identify with in a heart beat. Zardoz was talking about the new Ultra Durable 5 MOSFETS and the fact that marketing claims of much cooler PWM are actually a reality and what’s more he added:

“I can now run my system with the side on the case and anyone who has seen how much stuff I cram into my Lian Li case with limited airflow will know how amazing this development is”

HAHAHAHAHA that’s so true though. Smile I run exactly the same board in my 24/7 rig now and I can now close the side panel again too hahaha, love it!!!

Anyways check out the full write-up what he has to say about the board, it’s pretty good! Here is the website link!


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