Monday, October 15, 2012

TonyMac specs out CustoMac builds using GIGABYTE Mini-ITX boards

Mac aficionado tonymacx86 has posted some slick looking custom Hackintosh builds using our new 7 series Mini-ITX boards. The Gigabyte H77N-WIFI board finds itself perfectly suited to a small form factor Mini-ITX build using the Apex MI-008 chassis, while the Z77N-WIFI finds itself housed within the highly popular Bitfenix Prodigy chassis. The Prodigy is quite unique in that it allows for a full sized PSU, full length discrete graphics card and space for a couple of drives too. Very exciting for DIY enthusiasts who want to dabble in the darker arts of the Hackintosh in a smaller form factor without compromising on performance.


Its great to see that Tony describes our 7 series mini-ITX offerings as being the most compatible motherboard option for a Mini-ITX Hackintosh build:

“For these builds we're recommending Gigabyte's new H77N-WIFI AND Z77N-WIFI, which are the most compatible mini-ITX boards available and don't require a DSDT. Both motherboards have full analog and digital audio features, dual Gigabit LAN ports and USB 3.0. They also include a mini-PCIe card slot with an Intel mini-PCIe card capable of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.”

Catch the full article with detailed spec options for both builds here.

Learn more about GIGABYTE Mini-ITX motherboards here.

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