Friday, October 5, 2012

iPhone 5 recharges from GIGABYTE On/Off Charge

One area where GIGABYTE has focused a lot of R&D is USB power because this has quickly become the de facto mobile device charging standard for anything from smart phones and devices to remote controlled helicopters. With this in mind, we have introduced features/technologies such as one fuse per USB port, 3x USB Power, Electrostatic Protection, reinforced the power traces in our PCBs, and of course On/Off Charge for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad series of products. Now as screen quality, size and battery technologies change with each new product launch, so too do the recharging requirements, and this is why some folks had trouble charging their new tablets from their previous generation chargers a while ago.

So in case you’re wondering if your existing PC can recharge your new iPhone 5, fear not, it appears to be all good! We tested an iPhone 5 charging from a GIGABYTE motherboard with On/Off Charge (see the onboard USB headers with the red background below) and found that the maximum charge it took was 0.76A.

GIGABYTE On/Off Charge



Some shots of the recharge:



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