Monday, September 17, 2012

TweakTown Cutest Child with Technology Photo Contest – Winner Announced!

It’s been well over a week since TweakTown launched their Cutest Child with Technology Photo Contest. The idea was very simple. Add a photo of your kid using technology and get the chance to win a GIGABYTE H77N-WIFI board.

The winning application it turns out was actually a video. Sot by Sagar R. Agrawal of India, this is his video:

Excellent video Sagar. Your GIGABYTE H77N-WIFI isn’t quite as cute as your son, but it should be with you shortly.

Here are a few other submissions for you all to ooh and ahh about:





Catch more young geeks on the TweakTown facebook page here:

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  1. Love these photos! They're so cute! Hope to catch same cute photos like this with our newborn photography in perth. Thanks so much for sharing!


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