Thursday, September 27, 2012

TeamAU takes out 3way/4way world records with Z77X-UP7 and 7970 Crossfire!

GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 is turning into a cracker overclocking board.

It’s been used in the latest Team.AU bench session to take out the latest Unigine Heaven DX11 world record. CPU was at 6.2GHz while three GIGABYTE 7970 OC graphics cards were running at 1600/1800 Crossfire frequencies.

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3DMARK03 4way global world record was also smashed on the same platform with 7970 4way crossfire!


LN2 mode switch comes in very handy during extreme subzero benching.

It allows the overclocker to drop the system into slow mode during screenshots or between 3DMARK01 subtests.




Team.AU also dropped another score with CPU clocking at 6.7GHz and a third fastest 3DMARK01 in the world.


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