Thursday, September 6, 2012

Classic Mini-ITX N64 mod

Every now and again you come across a PC DIY mod that makes you stop and marvel at the creativity and workmanship. I have just been awed by this N64 HTPC mod from TheMadMati (yes, there is a fully functional x86 PC in there!):

The Finished and functional product!

The project can’t have been without its challenges due to the very limited space available (the PSU is a marvel on its own), and looking at the amount of plastic shavings lying around this there was a considerable amount of dremel work to be done.

Where it ended up

The motherboard is a GIGABYTE E350N-USB3 Mini-ITX that has loads of HTPC connectivity options like 7.1-channel audio, HDMI and DVI ports, gigabit Ethernet and of course high speed USB 3.0 for transferring all those high-def media files. The onboard DX11 AMD Radeon HD6310 graphics is also impressive considering the low power consumption of this platform – definitely a massive upgrade from the original.

Yeah, I think it will fit...

TheMadMati even hollowed out the cartridge and fitted an exhaust fan in it for improved airflow – very innovative!

The Back Side

Click on any of the pictures above to visit TheMadMati’s page on Bravo on a great mod I say!


  1. This mod reminds me so much of my time at VIA back when we introduced the Mini-ITX form factor

  2. PCtionary says Cool modz.. I might try this out with my G1 sniper m3 on waterjag casing.. LOL

  3. Incredible work, but, where did you put the hdd?

  4. What would be cool is if you can get a connector on top where the game goes in, that connects to USB (I think those already exist) and then an emulator would read from the cartridge.

    Oh, and should probably do something to cover up the back of the case.


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