Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GIGABYTE X79S-UP5: Highly recommended by TechPowerUp

Cadaveca has published his detailed review of the GIGABYTE X79S-UP5 motherboard and we’re happy to see that it has left him feeling pretty damn impressed. The X79S-UP5 is currently the only consumer 2011 socket motherboard on the market that sports the Intel C606 chipset. This means that the X79S-UP5 is a great option for server and workstation builds with server-class technology like SAS, Intel Xeon processors and ECC memory support.


Cadaveca was compelled to give the X79S-UP5 the TechPowerUp Here’s a Highly Recommended Award. Here’s a sample of what he had to say:

“The addition of SAS support and a PCI slot, things that are specific to the Intel C606 chipset, are quite obviously focused on Workstation users, but given today's HD media, managing large amounts of storage is something that many users are familiar with. Adding support for as many drives as the Gigabyte X79S-UP5 WiFi offers would normally cost an arm and a leg, simply to cover the cost of a RAID card to add all those ports. Here, that functionality is provided nearly for free.

I was completely blown away when Gigabyte informed me of the price. There are a couple of other Workstation-centered products for SKT 2011 on the market already, and the Gigabyts X79S-UP5 WiFi really outstrips them in both functionality, and cost. And if it doesn't beat the competition in one category, it certainly does in all others. I think Gigabyte has a winner here, and I just might have to swap to a blue and black rig.:p”


To learn more about the GIGABYTE X79S-UP5 board, click here.

Here’s the full and detailed review on TechPowerUp.

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