Friday, July 27, 2012

Z77X-UP7 Gets Photo'd and Fed Some Serious Power



This has been a busy week for our new baby, the GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7. Not only have photos of the final design including its new black and orange paint job been published for the first time (Facebook, PCPowerPlay, NinjaLane, TonymacX86), but we have also spent the past few days trying to find out how much actual power the Z77x-UP7 can handle with its 32 CPU power phases and Ultra Durable™ 5 design. Watch the video to fine out just how much total power the UP7 was able to handle (hint: it’s enough to power 25 Intel Core i7 3770K CPUs)!


  1. That is very impressive! The most impressive part however, is this time the voltage drop was barley noticeable, but last time on the UD9 it was 2v to 1.77v, now this UP7 is 2.58 to 2.56v for 1500W and then 2.48v for 2000W that is just sick!!!!!

    Great demo!


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