Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 5 wins Tom’s Hardware ‘Best of Computex 2012’ Award


Here at GIGABYTE, our motherboards are frequently singled out for awards, be it for best value, performance, features or pure overclocking prowess. However, it is with particular satisfaction and prestige that we accept this ‘Best of Computex 2012’ award from Tom’s Hardware for our recently announced Ultra Durable 5 technology.

GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 5 and our forthcoming ‘UP’ series of motherboards will be pretty revolutionary in terms of motherboard design, pulling together new 60A rated Powerstage ICs from IR, pairing them with high current capable chokes and a 2x copper PCB. This all means that the motherboard can deliver blistering performance without creating as much unwanted heat, greatly aiding stability, longevity and overall performance capability. It’s also a technology that lends itself perfectly to overclocked water cooled systems that don’t always have great airflow in the PWM area. 

We’re really pleased too that arguably the most respected PC hardware site out there has recognized our efforts to innovate. Here a what Tom’s had to say:

“Gigabyte is promising that the PowIRstage IR3550, found on all motherboards with Ultra Durable 5 technology (UD5), increases efficiency and improves stability. Naturally, this is particularly important in overclocked systems, where UD5 could benefit systems employing liquid cooling, since they have a tendency to not receive as much airflow through voltage regulation circuitry.

Ultra Durable 5 is a marketing umbrella that covers several different components, such as the IR3550 PowIRstage, additional copper in the PCB, and 60 A high-capacity ferrite core chokes. We plan to test Gigabyte's claims in an upcoming article.”


You can find the ‘Best of Computex’ award page here on Tom’s Hardware.

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