Monday, June 18, 2012

CNET renames Z77X-UD3H to “Sergio” and calls it a perfect all-rounder motherboard!

Craig Simms from CNET Australia recently had a play with one of GIGABYTE’s more popular motherboards, Z77X-UD3H.

I met Craig many years as I made my debut on ABC (Australian national TV) in 2007 featuring overclocking in which Craig was one of the original Atomic magazine writers appearing as a guest commentator in the final episode. Check it out here (cut all the OC segments featured over a few shows)! He knows his stuff and didn’t take him long to get his teeth stuck into some new Z77 gear from GIGABYTE.


Craig had a lot to say about the board but what caught my interest was his take on the naming scheme and subsequent renaming of the board. He calls it “Sergio”. LOLgigabyte-ga-z77x-ud3h_1

The UD3H is the perfect all-rounder. It ticks the boxes for gamers, the mainstream, overclockers and with its mSATA slot, maybe even the low-profile crowd or those who need caching drives.

Jump over to CNET Australia and read the full review. Craig is a great writer and looks at motherboards in a slightly different light.

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