Monday, June 25, 2012

GIGABYTE Extreme OC Workshop (New Zealand) in pics!

image (4)PC World NZ came over to this weekend to check out GIGABYTE’s latest instalment of the popular Extreme OC Workshop being help in the Auckland PC store’s gaming room. Playtech hosted a wonderful night of overclocking for the 100+ crowd that gathered at the start.

TeamAU’s deanzo, dinos22 and youngpro were there to teach the crowd about LN2 overclocking and then capped off the night with a friendly overclocking competition between the two teams with a fixed frequency of 6GHz in 32M SuperPi cacluations. Efficiency and memory tuning came into play and we could not separate the contestants from their PCs after the sirens went off as it proved to be a very addictive way to be introduced into overclocking!

I’m still feeling a little angry at my team mate youngpro (coach for the Australian team we named “Wallabies” after our Rugby Union side) because he allowed the “All Blacks” team to win, strangely coincidental to be named after NZ world champion rugby team. Luckily we had our own [traitor hehe] team mate, deanzo, coach this team. Rivalry between Australians and New Zealanders was in full swing particularly when the announcement was made that All Blacks triumphed, followed by the loudest geek cheers you will ever hear, in the overclocking challenge as well!

Congratulations All Blacks, you have beaten us in overclocking now as well!

I’ll put a couple of shots but for the full (fun) article you’re one more mouse click away (at this website).

P.S. Playtech have also put up lots of photos from the night at their facebook page here.

Evening started innocently freezing flowers etc


All Blacks (New Zealand) team captain leading the way with precise temperature control. Teams decided to not push temps to max to prevent condensation from forming early into the challenge.

image (2)

Wallabies (Australian) team captain showing everyone how it’s done. It was great having some girls genuinely interested in overclocking and participate through the day, very dedicated! It’s cool being a geek girl :)!


Then someone lost a finger (strangely the captain of the AllBlacks team found it humorous)! Dissing it’s own team mate, what is going on with these people heheheh?!?


Wait what?!? OK maybe he didn't lose a finger as we saw him benching with all ten fingers later on in the evening. Hmmmm, New Zealanders have a strange sense of humour heheheh! (wait i can’t see neither one of the 10 fingers EEK!)


Note from Cpt. Obvious: No fingers were hurts during the making of this show! hehe.

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