Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sandy Bridge plus Z68 on a budget? eTeknix choose the GIGABYTE Z68AP-D3


Andy Ruffell, writing for UK techies eTeknix, yesterday published his in-depth review of our Z68AP-D3 board, a motherboard that’s aimed squarely at those of us who want to taste the pleasures of Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge CPUs coupled with the latest Z68 chipset, without causing injury to our bank balance. At a smidgen over 80 British Pounds, Andy saw plenty of evidence to warrant a ‘Bang for Buck’ award, however he was actually impressed enough with the board’s overall performance to wheel out the more prestigious ‘Editor’s Choice’ award:

“Having a quick talk about the rating, which we don’t normally delve into, I wanted to clarify why this board earns our prestigious Editor’s Choice Award. It was destined to gain the Bang For Buck Award but the performance results showed us that it can rival some of the bigger, more expensive boards on the market, and the icing on the cake was how well it overclocked. The board really did meet, exceed and literally fly past our expectations, and we have to congratulation Gigabyte on making such a fantastic board.”


High praise from Andy. Cheers. Catch the full review on eTeknix here.

Find out more about the Z68AP-D3 motherboard here.

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