Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gigabyte’s X79 Plug-Fest: A Bloggers Perspective

I just came across a really cool account of our X79 plugfest even in Kula Lumpur last month published by bartman1973. In good old fashioned blogger style, bartman treats us to a detailed blow-by-blow account of his trip from Singapore to KL, including tons of photos of the event, the city, the food, the people and more. A real taste of what went down in KL that weekend….Awesome.

P1010460 P1010467

P1010472 P1010498

P1010505 P1010553

P1010615 P1010672



I love the way the photos take you on a journey, giving you a taste of what kind of fun overclockers get up to on a Saturday night in the Malaysian capital. Cheers bartman1973. Great coverage. Check out bartaman’s full blog entry on his blog here.

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  1. Incredible how much coverage there has been of this event online. We should defo do it again!


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