Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sin0822 reviews Z68X-UD3H in resplendent detail


Reviewer Sin0822 has recently published his review of our mainstream Z68X-UD3H motherboard. As you’d expect from Sin, there’s absolutely tons of in-depth analysis regarding the motherboards components, which he lists and examines in full. From Firewire and network controllers, to Super I/O and COM chips, you can expect Sin to have covered it all here in full detail.



It’s interesting to see that Sin has taken a good long look at the PCIe implementation on the board, with a critical eye as to how PCIe Gen 3 will work. Here’s a diagram that explains quite clearly what is going on, with two 8x lanes, or one x16 available direct from the CPU.


Check out the full and detailed review article, posted here on overclock.net

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  1. Now if there was any doubt about where the PCI3 lanes went on specifically the Z68X-UD3H, let this last picture put them soundly to rest.

    Great review Steven! Thanks again


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