Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Entire GIGABYTE X79 Series Motherboards Revealed


Last week we gave you all a sneak preview of our forthcoming G1. Assassin 2 board on our facebook page, today we’ve just uploaded some more X79 series motherboard images. Aside from letting us engage with you in some blatant and gratuitous board-voyeurism, it’s also a cool way for us to introduce you to the whole GIGABYTE X79 family.

sG1-Assassin 2-U-2




Because we still have to be very respectful of Intel’s launch plans, all we can really say at this point is that all of these boards will Rock!..and of course that they will support Intel® Core™  processors for the 2011 socket…

Check out the full photo set on our Facebook page here. And remember to click ‘Like’ if you’re feeling the GIGABYTE love…


  1. That retarded heatsink on the Assasin ruins it for me, tbqh. I can't even share this article on facebook, because quite frankly, people are going to lol@gamers.

  2. Who cares what it looks like really...it's how it performs that counts .... If Ferrari's only come in RED! ...Red it is Thankyou!...I have some lovely water blocks just waiting @//(-/-)\\@

    Aussie Allan-Gigabyte Forum

  3. They all look absolutely brilliant. OK, I must admit that the gun is a bit crappy, somebody got carried away but as Allan says it's not really important. People are not going to laugh when your setup kicks their butts!!

  4. Thanks for the comment guys. We'll take this to heart when designing future G1-Killer boards.


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