Friday, September 2, 2011

Z68XP-UD3P reaps Gold sealed approval from Vortez


David Mitchelson from UK-based tech site has just published his review of our mainstream Intel Z68 offering, the GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3P motherboard. It’s certainly impressed taking not only an ‘Approved’ award but also a coveted ‘Vortez Gold’. I’ll take a back seat here and let Mr Mitchelson tell it how it is:

“Today we have taken a step back from top-end Intel Z68 performance to consider a mainstream offering from GIGABYTE. So how does the Z68XP-UD3P shape up?

Well in terms of price to performance ratio the UD3P is excellent. In a range of scenarios the UD3P delivers similar/better performance figures against some of the flagship motherboards from a series of top brands. So certainly in this aspect, if you are looking for a decent motherboard with the possibility of moving to a dual graphics card configuration in the future then the UD3P is bang on the money.

At one time I would have had no qualms in recommending the ASUS P8P67 to those who are seeking a mainstream motherboard that offers great performance at a nice price-point but the GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3P now nudges this out of the way. It offers better performance, better overclocking potential, is capable of both SLI and CrossfireX and also has the added onboard VGA functionality thanks to the Z68 chipset should you need it.

Priced at approx. £135 inc. VAT (GBP) the UD3P is a very sensible investment. It is one of the best mainstream Intel Z68 motherboards that money can buy. Bottom line is:The Z68XP-UD3P looks great, offers consumers great performance and comes at an affordable price-point. One of the best mainstream motherboards using the Intel Z68 chipset we have tested.”


The Z68XP-UD3XP certainly seem to hit a sweet spot in terms of performance, features and price. If you want see specifications and more product detail, check the GIGABYTE website here.

Visit for the full review.

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