Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GIGABYTE launches LAN Optimizer utility


High-end technologies usually take some time to trickle down to mainstream products due to the slow rate at which prices come down to everyday user affordability. In the case of easy network management, it has taken a lot less time than we would have expected, and we have just announced GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer that allows you to prioritize programs accessing your Internet connection, offering more bandwidth control than has ever been available on mainstream platforms. Check out the GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer press release for a full list of supporting motherboard models (at least 27 of them).


We first saw this kind of feature on the extremely high-end G1-Killer gaming motherboards from the feature-packed Killer e2100 gaming LAN solution from Big Foot Networks. GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer is a somewhat simpler, yet effective and fun solution. There are 4 modes that allow you to optimize bandwidth for gaming, video streaming or browsing, and of course there is also an auto mode that dynamically optimizes bandwidth as you go.


Check out the GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer video, the GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer press release or our GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer microsite the for more.

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