Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guru 3D join GIGABYTE G1. Sniper 2 fanclub with ‘Top Pick’ award


The list of awards accrued by our G1.Sniper 2 motherboard continues to grow, with a ‘Top Pick’ award coming from Dutch reviewers Guru 3D just a few days ago. Hilbert Hagedoorn has spend plenty of time and energy testing every possible aspect of our new Z68 gaming platform. The G1.Sniper 2 comes out of the traps with flying colors, with a good healthy performance showing in the benchmarks and plenty of praise for overall design and features.

Nice, Gigabyte restyled their motherboard series towards something really impressive and added features like the KillerNIC, X-Fi DSP and more onto the Intel Z68 chipset platform. ……The end result is a very cool looking motherboard with a tremendous high-end feature-set.

The Gigabyte G1.Sniper 2 offers stunning looks, great performance and feature set that is extensive. There are minor points here and there that I think could have been better, but the end result remains simple, it is an astonishing motherboard. Very nice, and as such very much recommended if it suits your budget, a Guru3D top pick no doubt. The inclusion of high-end audio and the Killer NIC however make this motherboard expensive ... maybe even too expensive as you'll need to cough up a good 400 EUR. It does not make this motherboard less classy than it is though.


Check out the full review here on Guru 3D.

The G1.Sniper 2 webpage is here if you want check out detailed specs etc.

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