Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GIGABYTE X79 motherboards take a bow at IDF

Our favorite reviewer and power user Sin0822 has no doubt had an exhausting day in San Francisco enjoying all things Intel-related at the Intel Developer Forum, which just closed its doors after the first day. But lucky for us Sin0822 managed to find the time to shoot some great photos of our new X79 platform boards making their debut at IDF this week. Here’s a selection of a few choice specimens: 



As you can see the GIGABYTE X79-UD7 sports our uniquely eye-catching orange coloring, perhaps alluding to it’s potential overclocking supremacy.

Assassin-2-1 Assassin-2-2Here’s a glimpse of the latest GIGABYTE G1-Killer series gaming board, the GIGABYTE X79 Assassin. Of course sporting our devilishly attractive green thermal design.

You can catch more images of our X79 range at Sin0822’s new website, Sin Hardware. Cheers Sin!


  1. لطفا یدونه مجانی اش را به من بدید !من عاشق گیگابایت هستم. خودم مغازه داشتم و همیشه برای مردم گیگابایت رو پیشنهاد میکردم و. الان هم خودم ma770ud3 geforce و کارت گرافیک 9600 دارم

    یادتون نره ها برام بفرستید .ممنونم

  2. e-boner incomiiiiiiiiiiiiiing :D

  3. Looks like we finally have a color scheme that nicely differentiates between models.


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