Thursday, April 1, 2010

More GIGABYTE USB 3.0 Mini-ITX goodness

image has published some pictures of the soon to be released GA-H55N-USB3- the world’s smallest USB 3.0 motherboard. The picture above shows the I/O panel that is jam-packed with high definition video and audio ports.

We’re currently at the SuperSpeed USB developers conference in Taipei where Henry Kao, our Senior VP of worldwide sales and marketing, was asked to speak during the keynote about market acceptance – we shipped our 1 millionth USB 3.0 mobo in March. This baby is also on display here for the first time with it’s retail box alongside it. Have a look at the tiny case it’s in below.

Not surprisingly, the two most common applications that are being mentioned for the Mini Monster are a media center in a similar case to the picture above, and also a portable LAN gaming system with a VGA card in the PCIe x16 slot. Silverstone has some nice chasses for this purpose.

Here’s another picture of the board in my hand where you can see my fingers protruding beyond the top and sides of the board.


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  1. But.... WHEN? When will it be released? I am looking to buy parts for a computer upgrade and this seems... well... perfect!

    (The only thing that could help the transition would be a LG775 socket but I think being forced to buy a new processor right away with the latest socket type might be a good thing)


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