Friday, April 30, 2010

First USB 3.0 hub passes GIGABYTE USB 3.0 mobo compatibility testing

Buffalo USB 3.0 Hub1_L

A short while ago the Buffalo BSH4A03U3 USB 3.0 hub was deemed compatible with all GIGABYTE USB 3.0 motherboards for SuperSpeed USB use. This is the first working USB 3.0 hub that we’ve seen and a very exciting product if you consider that you could power two 2.5 inch external drives (while copying legally obtained content…), sync and charge your phone from another port and still have one port free for other USB connectivity – all from a single USB 3.0 port with 3x USB power of course.

I think this calls for a video. Stay tuned…


  1. IDsonix 13-Port USB3.0 Hub from Bizarkdeal

    EXCELLENT build quality. I don't think you could engineer a better enclosure. Has functioned flawlessly and the charging ports have really boosted my tablet's charging performance, cutting the charge time in half vs. my built-in USB port. I would definitely buy another from this vendor.


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