Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Midget H55 motherboard showdown: mobo round-up from The Tech Report

Tech Report Award

The Tech Report has an excellent round-up of small form factor H55 chipset mobos that compares offerings from a number of vendors including GIGABYTE. Here are some good quotes:

“Gigabyte has scaled the motherboard market in recent years and is now on relatively equal footing with long-time industry leader Asus.”

“Why pay that much more for the (other mobo) when the Gigabyte gets you roughly the same feature set and performance for just $110? It's not like the H55M-USB3 is just cheaper—it also serves up a second physical x16 slot, RAID support for two SATA ports, and a DisplayPort connector for integrated graphics. The H55M-USB3 is more power-efficient than the EVO at idle, too, and it's nearly as good an overclocker.”

Read the review conclusion here.

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