Monday, February 6, 2012

Overclockers Rejoice! APC enjoy the GIGABYTE X79-UD7


James Trevaskis, writing for APC magazine, has just published his review of our X79-UD7 motherboard.  Giving our high-end X79 board a healthy 9 points from 10, he takes time to praise our designers for creating one of the more interesting X79 designs on the market as well as acknowledging the UD7’s overclocking DNA and direct lineage to our uniquely positioned X58-OC board. James appreciates how much effort has also gone in to creating a board that simply ‘screams’ overclocking:

“The 4G button makes overclocking impossibly easy: simply throw in your CPU, memory and graphics card, then press the 4G button for an instant 4GHz overclock. The OC Touch interface makes a welcome return, providing buttons to adjust your CPU multiplier and base clock on demand, without ever entering the BIOS. In a major step forward, GIGABYTE has moved away from analogue power circuitry and added a new digital PWM that promises to deliver cleaner power and more control to the user. The BIOS has also had a major overhaul, taking the UD7 into the realms of the graphical BIOS. Never fear though, the old BIOS layout is a single click away at all times.

GIGABYTE has come through with another great motherboard in the UD7; while it doesn’t have as many features as other ultra-high-end boards, it's extremely competitively priced. We don’t care what GIGABYTE calls their motherboard, around the APC labs it will be known as the X79-OC.”

Catch the full review here at APC Magazine.

Click here to find our more about the X79-UD7 motherboard.

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