Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3D BIOS and 3D Power impress UMLAN.com in X79-UD3 review


UMLAN.com have published an interesting review of our X79-UD3 motherboard. The GIGABYTE X79 series launch saw the debut of our new 3D BIOS and 3D Power technologies, so it’s great that reviewer Alex Lusakhpuryan was impressed with what he saw during the review:

“The software which is provided by Gigabyte give you a complete control of your system from OS and from BIOS. Two signature features in GA-x79-UD3 is the 3D BIOS and 3D Power. With 3D BIOS you have a GUI based BIOS which comes in handy for adjusting setting. It comes extremely handy for pro overclockers who want to push their system beyond limits and GA-x79-UD3 is certainly capable to provide a wide room for overclocking. 3D Power application is designed for overclocking. With this tool you can easily adjust Voltage, Phase and Frequency which are crucial in obtaining best and stable performance. Along with 3D BIOS and 3D Power Gigabyte offers other monitoring and overclocking tools from the OS.”

Alex concludes the X79-UD3 review by giving it a 9/10 rating:

“Bottom line is, if you are looking for a motherboard which would satisfy every user from pro IT to pro gamer then GA-x79-UD3 just might be it. GA-x79-UD3 is comfortably priced against its competitors MSI and ASUS and offers amazing performance. Does it worth 269$? In my opinion it does absolutely! With all these great features and 5 year warranty, how can you go wrong?”


Check out the full review here on UMLAN.com

More details about the X79-UD3 can be found on our website here.

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