Tuesday, August 30, 2011

VIDEO: Hi Tech Legion award G1. Sniper 2 Gold

Hot on the heels of scoring 5 out of 5 at NinjaLane.com, the GIGABYTE G1. Sniper 2 is continuing to impress, earning a Gold Award at HiTechLegion.com. Reviewer Ron Perillo even felt compelled to draw comparisons from Roman history, with Julius Caesar’s determination to cross the Rhine an aptly fitting analogy for our own search for motherboard gaming glory:

“During the Gallic War, Julius Caesar had his engineers build a bridge within 10 days over the Rhine river so 40,000 soldiers and their horses could cross and continue pursuit. They maximized the odds to their favor by eliminating all possible variables of loss and leaving very little to chance in order to guarantee victory. Momentum is important during war and delays between strikes gives more time for the enemy to regroup and counter-attack. In the world of e-sports and gaming, this kind of winning attitude is equally important to dominating battles.”

- Gigabyte G1.Sniper2 Z68 Motherboard Review – Ron Perillo

But historical comparisons aside, Ron also found time to cover the features and technologies of the G1.Sniper 2 in consummate depth with these two videos. The first is a good look at the board itself, the reprise focusing on the BIOS and overclocking.

This is one of the most thorough BIOS walkthroughs I have ever seen. Especially for those you who are perhaps not so familiar with BIOS, this is one hell of an introduction to all of the key features. Indeed, Ron leaves no stone left unturned.



You can find the full 22 page review on Hi Tech Legion here.

Details about the G1.Sniper 2 can be perused here.

You can read this blog in Traditional Chinese (中文版) here.

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