Thursday, August 18, 2011

GIGABYTE A75M-UD2H Has Won Tom’s Hardware 2011 Recommended Buy Award


In Tom’s hardware’s most recent motherboard roundup review Six A75-Based Motherboards for AMD’s A8 and A6 APUSs,  they posed the question, “Which A75-Based Motherboard Is the Best”. It turn out, GIGABYTE’s little workhorse the A75M-UD2H came out on top and was awarded the coveted Tom’s Hardware 2011 Recommended Buy due to its feature set, overclocking performance and its low price.

Buyers looking for more features could balance Gigabyte’s FireWire controller against Asus’ extra pair of USB 3.0 ports. The importance of USB 3.0 continues to grow, while FireWire fades into history. But Gigabyte’s A75M-UD2H also costs 10% less than the F1A75-M Pro. Superb overclocking capability puts a huge spotlight on Gigabyte’s value-oriented price,

With so many good choices available, the easiest way to pick a winner would be to apply our own proclivity for choosing the lowest-cost option able to enable the highest performance. Doing so allows us to recognize Gigabyte’s A75M-UD2H for its modest pricing and unsurpassed overclocking capability

To read the full review, please visit Tom’s Hardware HERE.

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