Monday, August 1, 2011

Ninja Lane award GIGABYTE X58A-OC a furious five out of five


Writing for, Dennis Garcia has published his review of our X58A-OC motherboard. I let him do the introductions:

The X58A-OC is specifically designed for overclocking and while the 980X and 990X offer the most performance options that doesn't mean you are limited to just extreme edition processors.  Low end processors like the 920 and 950 can benefit from the power of a X58A-OC especially if you are planning to do 3D benches and simply need a stable platform to bench with. Normally we limit our overclocking tests to whatever we started testing with but in the spirt of extreme overclocking we brought out the Single Stage Phase cooler and started tweaking.


As overclockers and system enthusiasts we all have our ideas on what makes a good motherboard, some of us prefer to have a great set of features with the option to use them or not however for the hardcore overclocker those additional features only get in the way.  Gigabyte has set out to  differentiate between these two enthusiast groups and make specialized products for the gamer/overclocker and the enthusiast/overclocker  The X58A-OC is the board designed for enthusiasts who enjoy overclocking and want to get the most from their system.furious_v3_55

It’s really encouraging to see that Dennis appreciates what we tried to do with the X58A-OC, which is certainly not a board that will appeal to everybody. Seeing as this board is targeted specifically at a growing segment of overclocking enthusiasts, it’s brilliant to see that NinjaLane gave it a positive write-up. This hopefully helps validate our efforts and means we’ve hit the nail right on the head!


You can find the full review here on

You can read this blog in Chinese, (中文版) here.

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